Zen NiteNite Drink

Marijuana Infused Product Zen NiteNite Drink

After such a grape night’s rest with the NiteNite gummy, Encycloweedia Bricannabis thought taking a shot in the dark would lead to another wonderful rest.  I’m not using the phrase figuratively here, I actually took the Zen Cannabis NiteNite beverage in the dark as I was getting ready to watch a movie. The grape-flavored drink contains 10 Mg THC, 40 Mg CBD, and 5 Mg melatonin. A bit less than my normal dose of THC, but I’m not one to wine when I find the relief I’m looking for. Infused liquids tend to work better for me than edibles, and there was no doubt this purple drink would do a valiant job. I’ve attempted to jam-pack this review with grape puns, how many can you find? I’ve been Lemberger-ing up but a few of these jokes could be Gewurz puns I’ve attempted before!

While I was slightly worried the flavor would be close to cough syrup, I danced with sweet jubilee when something closer to a Jolly Rancher lassoed my taste buds. I don’t want to in-Sultana the fruity flavor, but I do prefer the berry flavor of Zen’s other beverages. I think the added melatonin takes away from the flavor but adds to the overall relaxation. Nano we’ve already talked about how edibles typically interact with the endocannabinoid system, but smaller THC particles can be absorbed through the bloodstream, working quicker and closer to the effect of inhalation than THC particles absorbed through digestion. Within fifteen minutes I felt myself relaxing, and thought it was time for me-to-turn-in (that was a stretch, I know). I was nervous the melatonin would keep me awake, but the dosage was small enough that I was in a state of peace and concord throughout the night. Vineyard using melatonin to aid sleep, too large of a dose can cause insomnia rather than combat it. The entourage effect made me feel as though floating on a currant of relaxation, and I could feel my spirits raisin while my mind settled.

I found myself Riesling and shining at the usual time the next morning. Fortunately, grogginess was here (Pinot) Noir there even though the bed had felt like cotton candy the night before! The single-dose marijuana drink quickly made my arms feel like jelly through the fast-acting power of nano-infusion. Paired with CBD and melatonin, the smaller THC particles help on those seedless, I mean sleepless, nights. The Zen Cannabis NiteNite Grape drink may be a liquid, but you muscadine on it if you’re looking to harvest a full night’s sleep.

Joking and Toking:
I never liked grapes that couldn’t be juiced. They’re just so un-raisin-able!