What's nano?

Zen Cannabis is taking advantage of a process called nano-emulsification to get powerful cannabinoids into their potent edibles.  This process helps their edibles take effect faster and more efficiently than traditional edibles. The effects of nano-infused products can often be felt in less than half an hour; additionally, our bodies can absorb more of the THC thanks to the increased bioavailability in nano-cannabinoids. Edibles made with this process contain water-soluble THC molecules rather than fat-soluble ones which allows for the improved absorption and decreased  time it takes to absorb for effects to be felt.

  • Nano-infused edibles kick in faster than traditional edibles; 15-20 minutes compared with 45 minutes or more.
  • Nano-infused edibles are water-soluble and our bodies absorb them faster and more efficiently than fat-soluble edibles (traditional edibles).
  • Nano-infused edibles provide a similar experience to vaping or smoking cannabis due to it being absorbed into the bloodstream rather than processed by the liver like traditional edibles.

How does it work?

By decreasing the size of the THC particles, you increase the rate of absorption, and the emulsification process creates cannabinoid liposomes. These liposomes are THC molecules surrounded by a thin layer of fat and are both water and fat-soluble. The increase in solubility ensures our bodies absorb more of the edible instead of it passing straight through our system. Absorbing more of the product means that smaller amounts are needed to experience the same effects from a less soluble product. 

Zen Cannabis edibles and drinks begin absorbing into the bloodstream in the mouth and stomach instead of the digestive system, allowing for the effects to be felt in as little as 15-20 minutes. Nano-infused edibles like Zen Cannabis products create Delta-9-THC when absorbed, and provide an experience similar to vaping. Fat-soluble cannabis edibles are processed by the liver, creating 11-Hydroxy-THC, which is more psychoactive and longer-lasting than Delta-9-THC, but take longer to kick-in as well.

Bison Infused Nano Technology Drink

Berry flavor is available as an Indica or Sativa 50mg THC shot. Grape NiteNite shots have 10mg THC, 40mg CBD, and melatonin to create the perfect entourage effect for sleep.

Nano-emulsification process

“Nano-emulsification,” is the technological process that creates water-soluble cannabis oil molecules (nano-cannabinoids) extremely small and easy for the body to absorb. Nano-emulsification mixes two liquids that normally don’t combine, like oil and water, with a third substance that binds them together and creates smaller particles in the process. Nano-cannabinoids can be used in a wide variety of ingestible products and can provide a reliable and potent effect.