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Bison Infused Premium Medical Cannabis in Missouri

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Bison Infused Cannabis Grower Manufacturer Cultivator

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Bison Infused Cannabis Grower Manufacturer Cultivator

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• Zen Cannabis Single 50MG Gummy — 275 Points
• Zen Cannabis 50mg Sativa Drink — 350 Points
• Zen Cannabis 50mg Indica Drink — 350 Points
• Zen Cannabis NiteNite Drink (10mg THC + 40mg CBD + 5mg
Melatonin — 350 Points
• Zen Cannabis Mini’s Gummies 250mg/10mg THC — 800
• Zen Cannabis 250mg THC Milk Chocolate Bar — 1,000 Points • Zen Cannabis 500mg THC Milk Chocolate Bar — 1,750 Points

Earn 350 points by finishing our Learn Brands course!

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