Bison Blue Dream Vape

Bison Blue Dream Vape cartridge

Looking back at the first Encycloweedia Bricannabis reviews I stopped on my favorite strain, Blue Dream. We’ve explored a lot of strains, edibles, and vape carts together over this blog series, and Blue Dream remains my favorite. There was a time the strain was the only type of cannabis I could find in town, but now, over a decade later, I’ll still T-H-seek this sativa leaning hybrid out. Most of the cannabis I consume comes in the form of flower, but the convenience of a vape pen means I’ll cart one of those around for times I can’t smoke a bowl or blunt. Additionally, while a cloud of smoke tends to cling and cause a lingering cologne, any smell from a vape cart dissipates in moments for times I don’t need the world to know how I’m feeling. When I saw the Bison Blue Dream .5g vape cart I knew I had to grab one before they were ganja. I also love any excuse to tell my favorite joke involving Bison Infused products, which you can find in the last paragraph.

Many of the cannabis smokers I’ve talked to who prefer smoking indica avoid sativa strains due to worry of becoming paranoid, but the Blue Dream marijuana strain provides a chill creativity rather than a mind racing effect and is known for relieving pain as well as stress. Bison Infused half gram carts are THC distillate, and while I generally prefer live resin, these cartridges give me what I’m looking for after just a couple sips. Bison infuses their cannabis distillate with terpenes so the carts taste close to and produce similar effects to the oil-riginal flower. Blue Dream is known for an herby and slightly fruity flavor, and Bison’s cart had a similar profile, leaving my taste buds tingling with herby sweetness.The Blue Dream cannabis cultivar is one that relaxes my body, uplifts my spirit, and boosts my creativity, and the Bison marijuana cart gave me the same experience I’ve come to love from the flower.

I began my journey into the wild Blue Dream yonder while doing yard work. I found the cart to have the familiar flavor of my favorite flower, but the smoke was smoother from the vape cartridge than smoking from a pipe or joint. Sheltered from the sun in the shade, I felt a greater relaxation settle into my shoulders and back. As I set to work picking up downed limbs and kushing my mower, my brain bloomed with ideas for my CBD&D games. There was something about the way the sun shone through the canopy and illuminated the yard that made the scene magic. Thanks to the high myrcene content and hours of hard work I sank indi-couch as soon as I sativa down, and drifted from one dream to the next. That’s all for now, Bison!


Joking and Toking:

What vehicle is used for public transportation in Weed City?
A Canna-bus!