Zen 500mg Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar

Zen 500mg Cannabis Infused Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar

Encycloweedia Bricannabis wanted to chomp a lot on the Zen Cannabis 500mg Cookies and Cream Choc-o-late, and has some high praise for this sweet treat. One of the newest flavors from Zen Cannabis, the Cookies and Cream bar combines cannabis and candy into a creamy confection I found quite delightful. Over the course of several days I snacked on the chocolate, consuming between 100 and 200 milligrams of THC in each sitting. First it melted in my mouth, and then it melted the soreness in my muscles. Once again Zen has crafted something to satisfy my sweed tooth and soothe my stress.

Available in both 250 and 500 mg doses, each chocolate easily breaks apart.  This allowed me to gauge exactly how much THC I was eating at a time. My teeth sank easily into the first bite, and as I let two squares melt I knew I’d have another two, too. I’d just eaten dinner, a bacon burger, and was counting on the fatty food to help me get the most out of the marijuana infused edible. Within the hour I noticed my couch had grown quite comfortable, and that the plot of the show I was watching wasn’t as interesting as the back of my highlids. Fortunately, I was able to overcome my sleepiness long enough to float to bed. I slept so soundly that I weedpeated the dosage for another full night of rest the next evening. As much as I love experiencing the effects of marijuana during my waking hours, a full night’s sleep cultivated by cannabis is equally enjoyable. Work’s been slightly busier, and restful slumber is important. Sometimes I find it hard to sleep after a long day, my body not understanding it’s time to switch from go-mode to slow-mode, and I’ve found edibles ensure my eyes stay shut.

However, I did save the last hundred milligrams for a daytime dose. My legs were growing a bit sore from the extra steps I was taking, and I knew the amount was perfect for soothing any aches that would arise. After enjoying a spicy chicken sandwich I finished the final two squares of chocolate. Edibles do not affect me in low doses like I wish they would, but I’ve found the dose I need to stay functioning while relieving soreness. I was able to continue my day without feeling any aching from my legs, and knew I’d be inside for the duration of the medication. Everyone has a different tolerance and our bodies absorb THC in different ways so it’s best to experiment with personal dosage at home when you have nothing to do. Eating too much can lead to long naps and counterproductive days. There have been times I’ve devoured entire edibles in one sitting, but those are not times I’m doing anything important. After the Cookies and Cream Zen chocolate bar tweeded me so well I can’t wait to try the other new flavor, Peanut Butter and Chocolate!

Joking & Toking:

Normally, it’s only food that does the baking, but with Zen’s edibles so does the epicure!