Bison Cherry Diesel 1 gram Cannabis Pre Roll

Bison Gummiez | 1G Pre-Roll

Gummiez is an exotic strain that will tickle your taste buds with a tropical fruity flavor, and the earthy finish of a classic kush. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Gummiez offers great daytime relief with a boost of energy, focus, and full body relaxation. The cross between Peach Ringz and Jet Fuel Gelato is packed with flavor.

Effects: Social, Inspired, Restored, Energized

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Bison Cherry Diesel | 1g Pre-Roll

Cherry Diesel is a well-balanced Hybrid strain that is made by crossing Cherry OG x Turbo Diesel. Cherry Diesel features a powerful cherry flavor with sweet diesel undertones and has energizing effects which makes this a perfect daytime smoke that will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated.

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Bison Grandpa’s Stash | 1G Pre-Roll

Grandpa’s Stash is an Indica-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain that is made by crossing the legendary old strains: 1994 Super Skunk x 1992 OG Kush x 1970s cut of Afghan Kush. Grandpa’s Stash has a very balanced high that is great for daytime use in the sun or on adventure. This strain has a heavy sweet…

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Bison Sunset Sherbert | 1g Pre-Roll

Sunset Sherbert is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties. This high-potency strain exhibits powerful, full-body effects accompanied by cerebral energy and leaves its users with a carefree state of mind. As delicious as sherbert ice cream, this strain has a sweet, citrus flavor that satisfies your…

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Bison White Poison | 1g Pre-Roll

White Poison is a Sativa-dominant cross of Durban Poison x The White. White Poison is an uplifting strain that leaves users feeling euphoric and happy. Loaded with a pine and skunk scent with flavors resembling both parents, this strain is perfect for daytime use before social activities or doing something creative.

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