Bison 2g Pineapple Express Vape Cartridge

Bison 2g Pineapple Express Vape Cartridge

Encycloweedia Bricannabis has a ticket aboard the Pineapple Express 2g disposable vape pen from Bison! Two grams of cannabis oil is the largest quantity I’ve seen in a single cart anywhere in the United States. The Pineapple Express marijuana strain gained notoriety in 2008 with the release of a comedy by the same name. There are actually several variet-weeds of Pineapple Express. While Seth Rogan will tell you the movie came before the marijuana, others say the train was first bred in the early 2000’s. Several growers all tried to create a strain named after the stoner flick after seeing the movie, and now we may never know which version is the original Pineapple Express. What we do know is Bison’s Pineapple Express vape put me on track for relaxation and happiness no matter the time of day. Oil have to admit I was skeptical at how well a cart of this size would work, but after reaching the end-of-the-line I’ve got some high praise for this product.

The first thing I noticed was how sleek the disposable battery looks. With a rectangular shape and transparent window that let me peer into the device, there is definitely a visual appeal to the pen. The autodraw tech means no button or settings to switch around, and the 280mAh battery lasted over a day of heavy use on one charge. Filled to the brim with cannabis oil, you’ll need to weedcharge the battery more than once before you finish a ride on the Pineapple Express. Any micro-USB adapter will plug into the bottom of the battery and it will hold a complete charge again in under an hour. These large carts are great for people that burn through half gram carts too quickly or take dozens of pulls from a battery each day.

The next thing I noticed was how smooth the pen hit and the large cloud of Pineapple Express that left my mouth on exhale made me feel like a train. There was a subtle citrus taste, but neither the taste nor smell would make it obvious to others what I was vapin’ in my vape pen. 

Although flower is what I consume most often, I like keeping vape pens around for times when I can’t spark something loud. Even after several days Bison’s disposable cart continued smoking smoothly. I watched through the window as tiny bubbles made their way through the distillate, observing no change in color or flavor as I happily sipped away. After six days of sipping I finally finished the cart, and to my delight didn’t experience any serious clogs. When I did encounter a gunky hit I charged the battery, and was able to clear the clog in a slow but steady pull on the pen. Fortunately all the oil vaporized properly despite the coil having so much to burn through. Though unfortunate, I have had carts in the past spit oil out of the mouthpiece. Getting distillate on the teeth is not fun no one wants to ride a chew-chew train!
Over the whole journey I found that just a couple of pulls on the pen would brighten my mood and relax my muscles. “I felt like a slice of butter meltin’ over a pile of flap-jacks,” as I went through my day. I was extra goofy and laughed all weed long. Depending on how many times I took a sip I was able to remain focused enough to work or find a haze to get lost in when I was home. Pineapple Express didn’t make me drowsy, nor did it keep me awake when I wanted to sleep. Pineapple Express is a hybrid strain that makes a wonderful companion if you’re on the go or trying to sink indicouch, and with a Bison two gram battery as the conductor this is rail-ly one you’ll want when it’s time to step away for a Brakeman. 


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Monorails are the funniest trains. All those one liners.