FECO Syringe

Full Extract Canna Oil FECO Syringe

Oil be talking about another ingestible product derived from cannabis plants in this Encycloweedia Bricannabis, known as FECO, or Full Extract Canna Oil. In past posts weed explored different types of smokable oils in vape carts, like live resin, full spectrum, and distillates. FECO is already activated and can interact with our endocannabinoid system straight out of the package, no heating or vaporizing required. This sticky edible is known for its pain relief, high THC concentration, and strong bitter flavor. While it is similar to Rick Simpson Oil, there are some minor differences between RSO and FECO, but both have similar potential medicinal benefits. I’ve used FECO before to help alleviate pain after mouth surgery, but got my hands on Bison’s version for this review. Don’t actually put your hands on it though, things will get messy quick!

FECO is a thick, potent oil meant to be taken orally. The THC concentration is often so potent that a recommended dose is the size of a grain of rice! That’s such a tiny amount it might as well be called FEWCO! The one gram syringe I took home contained over 600 mg of THC. I’m no stranger to eating chocolates infused with over 500mg of THC in one sitting, but would not want to fill my mouth with one gram of Full Extract Canna Oil at once. FECO is bitter and sticky, and many people like to put it between crackers to prevent it from sticking to their teeth and hide the flavor. Personally, I canna-t get enough of the taste, especially paired with dark chocolate.

When I first felt the effects of FECO I found fast freedom from affliction most foul, I’d had a tooth pulled recently. The surgery was minor but prevented me from smoking and brought soreness to my jaw. Fortunately, FECO filled the inflamed fissure from whence my fang was forced, fixing my unfortunate fate. While I was not in any pain like I was the first time I had FECO, I was more than a little sore from helping a friend move days before. This time I tried the extract with a chocolate covered blueberry instead of dumping it directly into my mouth. The nights I added Bison’s FECO to my dessert I slept soundly, only waking just before my alarm went off. While FECO can make those who eat it sleepy, it is more commonly used for people seeking pain relief. The high potency and ease of application make Full Extract Canna Oil one of the easiest ways to medicate, but can take a while to kick in. Make sure to wait an ample amount of time before deciding to add to a dose, as edibles can produce a more intense feeling than smoking. FECO and RSO both contain all the cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant. The interaction of cannabinoids on our endocannabinoid system is what produces feelings of relaxation, pain relief, happiness, and more, but research shows these chemical compounds have the potential to do more. Many cancer patients seek out FECO and RSO for their potential in fighting tumors on a cellular level. More weedsearch needs to be done, but results are promising as THC directly applied to tumors in a laboratory caused them to shrink. While we wait for more studies to complete and report their findings, we must do experiments of our own. If FECO sounds like something that could work for you, ask your budtender if you can Bison today!


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