Four distinct waves to vibe on.

Bison EOCO (Essence of Cannabis Oil) is a cutting-edge full-spectrum time-released capsule designed with four activating oils, giving you four distinct medication waves.

Premium Infused Medical Marijuana Products in Missouri
Premium Infused Medical Marijuana Products in Missouri
EOCO Full Spectrum Time Released Capsules

Wave One

The "Head High" - Coconut Oil
0 to 2.5 Hours In

A creative euphoric, social high activated via first-pass metabolism. Great for working out and busy tasks.

Wave Two

The "Body Buzz" - Avocado Oil
2.5 to 5 Hours In

The buzz evolves; you notice a calming body high kicking in as THC-infused Avocado Oil activates in your portail vein.

Wave Three

The "Med Effect" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5 to 7 Hours In

The THC-infused Olive Oil activates in your lymphatic nodes, giving you a healing, balanced high.

Wave Four

The "Skeletal Wave" - Grapeseed Oil
7 to 9 to Hours In

For its final act, Grapeseed Oil activates partly in your body's bone marrow, allowing for deep penetration for effective full-body relief.

Where to Find Bison & Zen Products

We are proud to have our products on the shelves of over 90+ dispensaries in Missouri! If you're looking for Bison or Zen Cannabis products, our partner dispensaries would love to help you find the medicine that's best for your medical needs.